Driving School Sim
Name:Driving School Sim
Publisher:Ovidiu Pop
Latest Version:10.13
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0
Last Updated:December 26, 2021 (2 years ago)
Get it on:Google Play Link

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About Driving School Sim MOD APK

Driving School Sim MOD APK

Coming from the developer Ovidiu Pop, since its launch Driving School Sim has blown into the racing game genre that is gradually becoming saturated with a new breeze. Not only for players to experience exciting emotions when driving fast on endless race tracks, Driving School Sim also allows players to learn a lot of real driving experience to Become great drivers both in-game and in real life. Those are the factors that help Driving School Sim earn more than 5 million installs and many positive reviews from players.

What will you do in Driving School Sim?

When I first joined Driving School Sim, I found this game to be more of a realistic simulation driving game than a classic racing game. The main reason that Driving School Sim is classified in the racing category is that after players have learned and practised driving properly, they will be able to participate in thrilling racing matches with other players on the road. world.

Driving School Sim will teach you how to control a car legally and safely for you and the people around you. In the beginning, you won’t need to race against anyone at all. You just need to drive according to the directions and enjoy relaxing moments in the new car driving on romantic roads.

Many interesting quests

Driving School Sim MOD APK 1

For each level, you will be familiar with a different task. There are hundreds of challenging missions in Driving School Sim for you to explore. Overcoming these tasks, I am sure that you will understand the traffic laws, as well as your driving skill, will be much improved. It sounds a bit dry, but actually, at each level, you will be taken to different locations such as famous cities, romantic beaches, sunny and windy deserts, and snow-covered roads… The tasks are also varied, so it will be fun and engaging, not dry like in real life.

Completing the tasks you also get a decent amount of money. Money in Driving School Sim is used to buy new cars or upgrade accessories for your favorite cars.

Rich cars warehouse

Owning all the supercars in the collection of Driving School Sim is something that any player dreams of. Driving School Sim’s car store has hundreds of simulation cars from the world’s leading car manufacturers. You can find any of the latest sports car models of all models such as SUV, Hatchback, Sedan, Hypercar… If you want to try your hand at driving cars like buses, trucks, Driving School Sim It will also do all for you. What are you waiting for, fill your garage with trendy cars right now!

Compete with other players

Driving School Sim MOD APK 2

After getting acquainted with and completing the main tasks in Driving School Sim for a long time, you have now become a master of traffic laws and skilled road handling skills. It’s time to prove what you’ve learned in Driving School Sim’s tournament mode. Here, you will be participating and competing with players around the world. Be confident and win high rankings in this mode!

Easy controls & beautiful graphics

Because it was released on mobile phones, the developer also designed the controller to be as simple as possible. You have two ways to control in Driving School Sim. The first way is you will use the control keys on the screen to control the car to move. The second way you can set to tilt the phone to drive. I prefer the second way because it gives the feeling of holding the steering wheel and driving on the road, very realistic.

Because it is a simulation game, Driving School Sim possesses extremely meticulous 3D graphics. From the roadside scenery that has recreated the wonderful and poetic places to the cars that are simulated in detail, just like real-life supercars. Effects and physics are also very smooth, giving the player a realistic feel. Sound is a plus for Driving School Sim. Cheerful melodies make completing tasks no longer boring. Especially the vibrant melodies also help the races in the tournament mode become much more dramatic and dramatic.

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