Gangstar Vegas
Name:Gangstar Vegas
Publisher:Gameloft SE
Latest Version:7.2.0e
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, VIP 10
Requires:Android 5.0
Last Updated:April 27, 2022 (2 years ago)
Get it on:Google Play Link

Create impressive action sequences in Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime MOD APK. This is a game on Android devices that allows players to transform into the leader of a gangster gang. In this world, the underground rules and laws of the gangsters and mafia can govern all.

About Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime MOD APK

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

Often in action role-playing games, the player will transform into a hero. But have you ever tried the feeling of being a notorious gangster? Sounds very new, right? Gangstar Vegas will help you get the most realistic action experience. Since its launch, this game from the publisher Gameloft SE has attracted more than six million downloads on the Google Play Store. Many players have given positive reviews so don’t hesitate to join quickly!

Weapon Repair

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

Of course, being a boss is indispensable for weapons. In Gangstar Vegas, you will use the main weapon which is a gun. However, there are many different types of guns to choose from. For example, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, guns like cannons, flamethrowers, swords, rockets,… Depending on the level of destruction you need, choose the most appropriate weapon. Gangstar Vegas also allows players to change skins for guns. Design your own weapon to express your own style.

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK – Driving vehicles to perform missions

In addition to weapons, what is needed to complete the assigned tasks is transportation. Any player is impressed with the fleet of vehicles of Gangstar Vegas. Because it is very diverse, from large displacement motorcycles to racing cars, even canoes, aeroplanes,… Each vehicle will be suitable for different types of terrain, let’s take a look. consider them and use them properly.

Form a gang against surprise raids

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

A boss will have a lot of hunting enemies to attack. You will always be followed and hunted. So if you act alone you can hardly win. There will always be juniors to help and give you intelligence. Knowing in advance where the attacks take place, you will be more proactive when equipping weapons and vehicles. Takedown all the opponents that block your way!

Easy-to-understand control screen

The interface of Gangstar Vegas is designed to be simple. The bottom left corner of the screen is the steering wheel that moves the character’s direction. On the right is the aim button, shoot button, run continuously and throw grenades. At the top of the screen, there is a miniature map for you to observe the direction, the map will also warn about your enemies. As for the control screen interface of the vehicle, it is similar to making it easy for you to use.

Use the Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime MOD APK version that we provide to earn unlimited money. You will freely shop for all weapons, vehicles,… that you want, without worrying about anything. Enjoy a wonderful relaxing moment!