Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Name:Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Publisher:Rockstar Games
Latest Version:1.12
MOD Info:Unlimited Money/Ammo
Requires:Android 7.0
Last Updated:December 26, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City MOD APK (GTA) is an extremely attractive role-playing game, released by Rockstart Games in 2002. Right from the launch area, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has continuously broken records. Up to the present time, this game is available on mobile phones. Please download the MOD version below our article to receive huge benefits.

About Grand Theft Auto: Vice City MOD APK

Grand Theft Auto- Vice City MOD APK

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the second 3D version of the Grand Theft Auto series. After the first version with 3D graphics, this version has been greatly improved in terms of graphics. As one of the games with the most beautiful graphics in 2002, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City quickly made a big splash.

In addition to impressive graphics, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City also has extremely interesting and attractive gameplay. Set in the city of Vice City in 1986 (inspired by the city of Miami), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City builds around the main character named Tommy Vercetti, a drug dealer. The plot of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is also relatively attractive and addictive.

Captivating, addictive plot

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is mainly set in the city of Miami in the 80s, a time when gangsters and Mafia were extremely active. They have expanded so much that they have affected the entire economy of this small city.

The story revolves around Tommy, a genuine Mafia name. He had just completed a 15-year prison term after shooting and killing 11 people. Immediately after integrating into the community, Tommy quickly got used to his old ways, he continued to deal with large quantities of drugs. In a drug deal for the Vance brothers, Tommy’s group was ambushed but he was still lucky to escape. In exchange for all the money and drugs in the transaction, there was no flight. But the failed mission made boss Sonny (Tommy’s boss) extremely angry, asking him to do everything to find enough money for him. The story of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City also officially begins, where will Tommy’s journey to earn money and track down the man behind it? Download now Grand Theft Auto: Vice City MOD APK at the end of the article to experience the story for yourself, it will be very attractive.

The gameplay that made GTA’s name

Grand Theft Auto- Vice City MOD APK 1

Graphics are much upgraded compared to the previous version, but Grand Theft Auto: Vice City still retains the same gameplay. Not because the developer ran out of creativity, but because the gameplay of the GTA series was so successful.

Coming to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, players will completely control their game life. Although the game has a challenging system to complete, during non-mission times the player can do anything, go anywhere in the world of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Exploring the city with the famous Mafia bosses of the 80s is also interesting, isn’t it?

Wanted system

As an open world, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City society also has its own rules. Although you have to do dark jobs, you should minimize breaking the law in this game. There is a separate system for assessing the degree of wanted by the police. This system is rated by stars from 1 to 6. If you are wanted at 5-6, you will be hunted by the helicopter and the SQUAT task force extremely aggressively. The city police squads are also constantly chasing and surrounding you. But you don’t need to worry too much, this wanted point can automatically decrease if you avoid the pursuit of the police.

Simple controls

Grand Theft Auto- Vice City MOD APK 2

Previously, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was a game born for game consoles like Playstation, Xbox… but now available on phones. In addition to the graphics, the gameplay is no different from the game console, the controller of the Android version is also very easy to use. The control gyro, the shooting button are all reasonably arranged on the touch screen. Surely you will control the character proficiently in the first experience.

A diverse arsenal of weapons and vehicles

As an action-oriented game, the weapon in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an indispensable component. The game provides you with a lot of guns such as: pistols, M16, Uzi, sniper rifles,… All these guns are available in the store, or you can earn by killing the characters. other objects on the road. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has many types of cars with diverse models and types. From police cars, convertibles to pickup trucks… there are many models. In addition to cars, there are boats, helicopters, and skateboards for you to experience throughout the main story.

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