Alight Motion
Name:Alight Motion
Publisher:Alight Creative, Inc.
Genre:Video Players & Editors
Latest Version:
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 6.0
Last Updated:April 29, 2022 (2 years ago)
Get it on:Google Play Link

Create impressive images, videos, and motions with Alight Motion MOD APK. This is a professional motion graphics and video editing application for Android device users. A lot of advanced features are waiting for you to discover, what are you waiting for without hurrying to download and experience!

About Alight Motion MOD APK

With the development of technology, many images, and video editing applications have been born to meet the needs of people. In it, it is impossible not to mention Alight Motion. With simple and easy-to-use features, but the product quality that brings beauty like professional work will surprise you. The application allows you to edit anytime, anywhere, very handy.

Create animation

A special feature of Alight Motion that is different from other editing applications is that it can create GIFs. With the support of vectors and bitmaps, you can completely turn an ordinary photo into a motion picture. At first, you will think that the adjustment is very difficult. But rest assured, Alight Motion has simplified the water to make it easier for you, just a short operation and you will get the picture you want.

Edit color effects for both images and videos

Alight Motion supports users to adjust colors through the Blending Modes feature. Here there will be templates that the application pre-installed, you just need to apply them to the image and drag the colors to match the best. Or if you don’t want to use the built-in templates, you can completely adjust the steps from brightness, noise, darkness, black point, contrast, warmth,… Unleash your creativity, unlimited terms.

Insert more text, images

In addition to color correction, you can also add text to images and videos with Alight Motion. A wide variety of fonts are provided from regular to classic. Creating professional quotes for photos or captions for videos has never been so easy. In addition, you can also insert images available in the application or your device into other images and videos. Great, isn’t it?

Convenient temporary storage

If you are in the middle of editing but have a busy job and can’t continue, don’t worry. Alight Motion will allow you to save a temporary copy of the image or video being edited and continue to perfect it when you have free time. After editing everything, choose to save it to your device.


Although there are many convenient features, Alight Motion has received a number of complaints from users about errors in downloading videos and images to the device or even freezing the application while in use. Publisher Alight Creative, Inc. There is also an explanation because this is a new application, so there will be a few glitches, but the publisher ensures that they will do their best to support and fix errors for a better user experience.

To use a Pro account, to use all the features of this application for free, download the Alight Motion MOD APK version that we provide, you will not be disappointed!

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