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Spotify MOD APK (PREMIUM) is an indispensable application for music lovers. Dubbed the world’s leading music streaming service application, Spotify will surely make you satisfied.

About Spotify MOD APK – Premium Unlocked

According to the current evaluation, the giant Spotify has reached the milestone of nearly 100 million users, an extremely impressive number. With the above figures, it is difficult for a music application to beat Spotify. What makes Spotify so popular? Let’s take a look at the article below.

Huge rich music store

This is the key point that helped Spotify rise to the top position today. From the early days of its launch, Spotify has impressed users with its huge music store compared to other competitors such as Apple Music or Pandora, ..v.v. Currently, along with the development of Spotify, this music store is also increasingly expanding, moreover, all are high-quality copyrighted music. Newly released songs and albums are quickly updated on Spotify, meeting the needs of users.

Hundreds of millions of songs by famous singers, hundreds of different genres from EDM, Pop, Jazz, K-pop or even J-pop, … are also updated on Spotify. However, there will be some songs that are limited to the listening area, this is due to the author’s request. And you can’t download music to your device, you can only listen to it offline due to copyright protection.

Modern, smart interface

Not only conquering users with its rich music store, but Spotify’s features are also very popular with users. You can easily search for the song you want to listen to through the search bar. The application will display all the results you need to find.

In addition, Spotify also relies on listening habits and history to guess your music taste. From there, Spotify will suggest songs you might like through a playlist (they are located in the Discover Weekly section). Now you will not have to waste time searching for new songs, just click on those playlists and feel. Even these playlists are classified by genre, each different music genre for you to choose more easily. In addition, you can set up your favourite artists and singers so that every time they release a new song, Spotify will automatically send you a notification.

Listen to Podcasts Anytime, Anywhere

Not only providing a huge music store, but Spotify is also the place to provide the largest podcast programs. I’m sure you won’t find an app with thousands of original podcast radio shows like Spotify. With diverse topics, listen anytime, anywhere, it can be said that this feature will help you explore the world of knowledge and expand your worldview.

Create your own playlist

I have a habit of listening to a series of songs that give me an emotion (eg happy songs when I’m happy, songs with sad melodies I listen to when I’m sad, etc.), so I really like Spotify’s playlist creation feature. This saves me from having to search for songs that I can listen to continue without interruption. Moreover, Spotify does not limit the number of times to create playlists, so you can create as many as you want.

Modern, beautiful interface

Spotify’s interface is designed to be very harmonious and modern. The teaser image is placed in the middle, below are buttons that allow you to perform actions such as switching tracks, adding to the playlist, timer off, looping, adding to favourites. In addition, you can also share your favourite songs on social networks or send them to friends and relatives.

Spotify supports cross-platform, you can connect many devices such as computers, Chromecast speakers, TVs… or listen directly on for PC or Mac.

Use Spotify MOD APK (Premium) version

If you like Spotify but don’t have enough money to buy a Premium plan, you can use the app’s free plan. However, there will be a lot of limitations such as a limited number of songs, you will listen to songs in shuffle mode, that is, you are not allowed to choose the song you want to listen to, but you have to listen to any related songs that are available.

The Premium plan has a lot of great features (listen to any music you want, listen to music in online mode, download high-quality music, no ads…), but the package is quite expensive. high and not everyone can afford to pay monthly. But you really want to listen to music on Spotify because not all music applications have so many songs, what to do? That’s when you need to download and use our Spotify MOD APK. With the Spotify MOD APK version, all are free and you can use the functions as if you were using the Premium package. It’s great, isn’t it?

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