Publisher:Bending Spoons
Genre:Video & Photo
Latest Version:3.7.395.202283302
MOD Info:Premium Unlock
Requires:Android 4.4
Last Updated:November 17, 2022 (2 years ago)
Get it on:Google Play Link

Remini MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is an application that sharpens images in a short time and is extremely convenient for many users. Many photos will be restored and improved quickly with just a button or a tap on the screen; too simple. Modern AI technology and tons of features will attract this application and make users participate in the editing community more and more.


Today’s photo editors are very complex but sometimes contain too few image-sharpening features that make users feel bored when using them. Therefore, the publisher of Remini MOD APK has especially used the image sharpening feature to highlight the application. Currently, the application version is being updated with more tools and links on many platforms to use. Use this app if you want to edit the opacity and make your image clear. An application that only takes up so little space, but the editing tools are so cool and convenient.


Widely used by many professionals and by more and more users, this application makes many young people enjoy and edit enthusiastically. The application will help you recover and restore the images you love. Thanks to AI technology, Remini can improve and regain image quality in a split second with just a few simple operations. You need to select Enhance, select the image to be edited, and wait a few minutes to have a clear image. Not as troublesome as other tools because the publisher has set the sharpening mode as the key thing for this application. Not only that, but you can also use many detailed editing features if you want to adjust and complete your photo yourself. After each photo, keep in mind that you need to use the right tools to edit a moment quickly. Now at any time, you can turn your portraits, selfies, or group photos into amazing full HD with every face detail.


With continuously improved and updated AI technology on this app, Remini uses the most modern Artificial Intelligence to blur, restore, and enhance any photo you want through its capabilities of the tools. Bring your old memories to life in HD quality in any stock you want. Moreover, old photos or low frequency will be restored with blur correction thanks to analysis and adjustment technology. Remini photo editing app is one of the most popular and loved apps worldwide. Moreover, it can be said that this is a professional photo editing application with many tools, effects, and filters for you to choose how to manipulate photos freely. Do a few swipes and slides; you have quickly turned your blurry photo into sharpness in just a few seconds. Furthermore, this app is available in languages: English, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese, Spanish and Thai; all supported languages ​​are available for your editing.

Remini Mod APK


It is a free application that allows users to edit images. This application supports many tools to change the parameters of the image: contrast or brightness,… for you to perform many different functions quickly. With the adjustment feature built into the application, you can completely adjust the sharpness of your photos as desired. Moreover, you can manually adjust according to your style and use clearer colors thanks to the filters, making your photos even better and stand out. That’s all you will get when using the upgrade packages and advanced editing from this application. The set of advanced editing tools and a wide range of different tasks stand out when using Remini. You can sign up for daily, monthly, or yearly packages to quickly improve your photo editing skills at a very affordable cost.


  • Restore, and edit old photos and low-quality photos into high-resolution photos.
  • Turn blurry pictures into sharp photos and start making the best photo adjustments.
  • Fix blurred videos and playback previously recorded videos with clear images.
  • There are many professional image processing functions with modern AI technology.
  • Use advanced professional editing packages.
  • Simple, easy to use.